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Roleplayer's Community's Journal

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Sunday, June 1st, 2008
DnD 4th Leak...

Yis I have a copy. (No, you cannot have my copy, nor will I tell you were I found it)

What do you think? Deliberate? or mistake?

Inquiring minds want to know.

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11:51a - Seeking Reviews
Can anyone here tell me what they think of the (new) World of Darkness "Book of Spirits"? I'd prefer to hear from people in this community who actually have played with (or at least read) the rules in book.

Alternatively, if you have found an online review of it, please link me. I already saw the GameGeeks review on YouTube and found it uncharacteristically uninformative for GameGeeks. I want to use it as a toolbox, not as a setting unto itself, so I want to know about the rules, merits, disciplines, etc. contained within, rather than the setting and story ideas. GG mostly focused on its use as a setting.


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2:21p - I need Help for Role playing a Cleric/Favord soul

what would you consider to be the top 50 most iconic or well known Cleric spells for a favord soul or cleric of Pelor. or just in paticular a god of healing and light

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7:30p - Games Expo '08
The second year of the convention and I think that it went as well, if not better, than last year, which was the first. From what I heard, the numbers were on a par with last year, perhaps a bit higher. There was a greater number of exhibitors and traders, and of games being run, in particular, the RPGs.

Which really does mean that everything was better!

I got to go on a quick run through of "The Living Dungeon;" move a TARDIS; and to play Dungeons & Dragons, Fourth Edition, Cubicle Seven's Doctor Who RPG, introduce three new players to Fluxx and Red Empire, play Groo: the Card Game, and go to a Yog-Radio meet, the latter served with Tunston's Tea Cakes ("too good to turn down").

I cannot speak for everyone, but I had a blast. I really enjoyed myself and it was fantastic to see old friends and try out some great games.

The organisers of the event did a fantastic job and they deserve all of the praise they get.

If you can get to Birmingham next year, then do come.

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