May 30th, 2008

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Help with Pathfinder - Arcane Bond for Wizards


Ok so I'm into the playtesting of Pathfinder for D&D.
I've got my Alpha release 3 which is supposedly the final
alpha release until August of 2009. Check.


Wizard - at 1st level they get Arcane Bond - with this you
can now choose between a familiar OR a bonding with an
object or weapon. Familiar rules are close to the same but
given a small boost. IF you choose an item or weapon for
the bond there are a different set of guidlines.

Arcane Bonded item-

- Must be of masterwork quality. period.
- if you cast without it then you have to roll to see if you can actually
make the spell go off.
- With the item you can cast 1 spell per day for free with no prep time.
Meaning you can cast 1 spell out of any you know and do not have to
preset the spell into the item beforehand. You can use any 1 spell
per day you choose on the fly.
- You can lay enchantments on the item as long as you know the spell.
It does not matter if you have the feat to lay the enchant or not
for this one bonded item only.
- You cannot sell your bonded item because it only works for the wizard.
Any and all powers or enchantments it has are completely useless to
anyone else - therefore not valuable to anyone but the Wizard.
- if the item is lost or destroyed you wait 1 week and spend 200gp
per wizard level to recreate it.

knowing all the above:

Q: Does this mean a Wizard starts with a free Masterwork item at the
beginning of the game?
(It's pretty expensive to have masterwork stuff if you have to actually
pay for it yourself. )

Q: If a Wizard chooses an amulet for his first item - does that mean the
Wizard is now locked into the item type of amulet for his bonded item
(so if it were lost or destroyed you'd recreate the bonded item but it
can only be another amulet vs another item?)

Q: If you enchant the Bonded item and lose or destroy it, does the item
automatically have the same enchants on it when you recreate it?
Or do you just recreate the item itself and must re-enchant the item?

Q: If a Wizard comes across a cool magical item in gameplay such as a
Staff of Fire, and his bonded item is lost or destroyed, can the Wizard
use the existing Staff of Fire and make it into his new bonded item?

Ok Well i have strong opinions on all the questions i've asked but I haven't
gotten any answers from the Pathfinder forums just yet. Those guys are
all hung up on other issues with the bonded item still.

Any input is welcome. Seriously - even if you don't game currently surely
you can use the info above and apply basic logic to it. That input is welcome
as well. If you need more info in order to answer the question then please
ask that as well. I really need help here to be fair to all my players and get
a good stable ruling out of it.

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