May 29th, 2008


More Spirit of Vimary.

I've updated my Spirit of Vimary adaptation of Tribe 8 to FATE 2 document here. It is still very much a work in progress, but I've added some Paths for different origins within the setting and some more work on various types of Aspects.

I have a couple things I'm kind of stuck on, and I'm open to suggestions:

Phase names: I'm happy with the phase names I have for Fallen, but I'm kind of stuck on naming the phases for Tribals, Keepers, Squats, Guides and Z'bri. For reference, my intention is for the names of the phases (called Paths) that are evocative of the specific Origin. My assumption is that Tribals PCs are part of a Circle, or at least are prominent members of their Tribe (i.e., members of the priesthood, a secret society, leaders, etc). For Keepers, I assume that the PCs are adventurer-scholar types. For Squats, they would be scouts/diplomats/explorers. So I'm looking at phase names that are indicative of those roots. The phases generally follow a childhood/development/adulthood path, but the number of phases can vary (for example, Tribals and Fallen have four phases, but Squats only have three). The goal is for the number of Aspects gained to equal eight, including "automatic" Aspects such as Outlooks, Eminences, etc. For Squats, I plan on them picking up 2 per phase as well as a couple extra skill slots.

The other thing I'm struggling with is Z'bri Atmospheres. I really want them to be Aspects, but the thing is that they specifically have "always on" effects that can be very akin to Stunts. For example, Melanis Z'bri can cause humans to lose parts of their memory; Flemis can make the weak willed pliable towards their group mind; Koleris make people angry and violent; Sangis can break down inhibitions and taboos. These things are innate to any Z'bri of a particular House. I'm definitely open to suggestions here in how to handle Atmospheres.
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