May 25th, 2008

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On Thursday I usually attend the Black Country Role Play Society. This rotation I have been particpating in a Call of Cthulhu game, playing Henry Brinded, a Boston-based antiquarian and book hound who will also appear Masks of Nyarlathotep: The Companion as a pre-generated investigator, who I previously created for another player, but never played myself. We have played through two scenarios, one from Mortal Coils and another from Great Old Ones, with me trying to learn lots of stuff from the books whilst keeping it from the grandstanding mad character.

Anyway, that ended a week early with my coming into possession of a small pile of Mythos tomes and artifacts and managing to not lose no Sanity during the second adventure apart from reading the books. The suggestion was that someone bring Munchkin Cthulhu along and we play that, which did not exactly grab me as I can play that at home and the game itself is merely okay.

Next rotation though, Dave is going to continue running his Legends of the Five Rings game, which I will be joining. We were talking character options and given that I was reading his copy of The Dragon Scroll, I fancied playing a Dragon Clan investigator (a type I had played before in another game, but only in a session or two), but since the game was taking place in Lion Clan lands, it was a problem to get such a character involved. Dave's solution was to make my character a Lion Clan member a hostage held and trained by the Dragon Clan. Jacob was to play my Dragon Clan bodyguard. With that idea in mind, I decided to go and was keen to do so.

We joined the game during the third session with everyone running after ghosts and mad samurai all linked to a bridge. As an investigator I am not sure that I solved a whole lot or looked into it, but I managed to elicit a confession out of the culprit and persaude the newly promoted daimyo that there was only the one course of action that would not shame anyone. Being able to talk the hind legs of a mule and then being abe to talk it into walking afterwards is an incredible skill.

Anyway, great little scenario and I think worth writing up properly. I shall endeavour to get Dave to put pen to paper and have it published properly. I will also post the write-ups as well if people want.