May 23rd, 2008

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Questions about The Shadow of Yesterday

Hey people! Is there anyone in the house who has experience with The Shadow of Yesterday, by CRN? I just got it (the second-edition, printed version) and I've got some questions about the system.

- Re: taking harm - it seems fairly clear to me that if you're broken, it doesn't matter which Pool the damage was associated with. But for lesser levels of harm, is the track separate for the different Pools, or is it all one? For ex, if you're bloodied in Reason and Vigor and then get bloodied in Instinct too, would the harm roll up to broken or would it get noted down as bloodied? The main rules text suggests the former, IMO, but some of the later examples and fluff text suggest the latter.

- Does it strike anyone else as odd that the Story Guide can never initiate Bringing Down the Pain? I understand why you can't do that on behalf of petty mooks, but as one of my players pointed out, if a player can achieve any intention short of killing a major NPC with just a lucky roll, the system is a bit broken...

Actually I have two possible kludges for this - 1) saying the GM CAN initiate BDTP on behalf of major NPCs, and 2) a more liberal interpretation of "get rid of", such that instead of the moratorium on killing only, the players can't do anything that takes a major NPC out of their current role in the story without BDTP. Thoughts?

(Oh, and for those who DON'T know TSOY, check it out here. Really neat!)