May 22nd, 2008

RPG Virgin

Though a lot of people may advise against it, I will be joining my friend's 4th edition D&D game in July. I talked to him about my worries about gaming and he pretty much made me feel more comfortable. A lot of the stuff I worried about he explained that it was the DM's responsibility and it's actually better if I don't know. Such as knowing what to role, when to role, how many points to take off (basically all the number stuff). I was also told that a good DM/GM is important in gaming, and luckily my friend runs really great games. I was also worried about playing D&D, to me it's the stereotype of gaming, the one people always use when making fun of gamers. He explained it's cause it was the first and no true gamer will laugh at me for playing. I was also worried about screwing up and saying something stupid. He asked what I'd think I would say to make people laugh at me, and I realized that now that I understood how to play it probably wouldn't happen. He explained it almost as playing an turn based RPG video game (which I hate, go fig). I know it's not exactly the same, but it helped me understand a lot better. I also get social anxiety, but luckily everyone I'll be playing with are people I know. I'll be pre ordering the Players Hand book (15% off, woohoo!) I'm excited, this will be my first table top RPG ^_^