May 19th, 2008


Masochistic Gaming Style

I like playing characters that mess everything up. I like going insane, falling to the Dark Side, and losing my paladin abilities. I get a certain sense of gratification at handing my character sheet over to the GM. I like dying.
I enjoy it so much that it was subconsciously in my mind the "right" way to play, and I was surprised, then annoyed, and finally accepting of the fact that most gamers want the opposite. They want the "power fantasy" that Robin Laws talks about, where their characters overcome obstacles instead of getting swallowed by them, and they get to enjoy possessing extreme competence.

I'm not sure why I'm not like that. Maybe the concept of the Fall intrigues me. More likely I just like something dramatic happening, and it's even more fun when it's happening to me. And as long as my characters are undergoing some radical event, the fact that it's success or failure is largely irrelevant to me.

Are there any other masochistic gamers out there? Can you help me figure out why we're like this? Or better yet, why everyone else isn't?

gamer Noob, that's been around for a while...So, not so noob? LOL

I've always been an observer of the gaming community. I am from the Boston area, and while I could fulfill my comic book/video game fandom, there was never any place or people for me to really get into the gaming world.

The first game I ever played was called "Big Idea", I played it when visiting the now defunct Phoenix Games in Sunderland, MA. I have since moved out to Western MA, which has a very rich and strong gaming community.

Recently I picked up a shift at my local gaming store. It is run by the Pioneer Valley Gaming Collective, everyone who works there is a volunteer. It's the first and only run community game store. They run events such as Thursday night Magic draft, Sunday Board game night. Currently it's Female gamer appreciation month! Located in Amherst Center. W.A.G.

I recently started hanging out there due to other things going on in my life. I learned how to play Magic and am also a big fan of Munchkin. So, now that I'm going to be spending a lot more time at the gaming store I'd really like to learn a table top game. I learn best kinetically (by doing), I've never played a table top and I have ADHD so my attention span can be a bit off. Oh and I suck at math (ya, and I play Magic, LOL)

I was thinking of learning D&D,Gurps or Paranoia.....would any of these work for someone like me? What would you suggest as a good starting off RPG?
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On Saturday, I tried a different form of gaming -- roleplaying by Skype.

Our Keeper, based in Bradford, ran Tatters of the King, one of the best campaigns to be published by Chaosium in a very long time for Call of Cthulhu. We played for three hours, or the best part there of, as we were beset by technical issues when we tried to record the game. Which was a pity because it played pretty well. Of the scenario, it suffers from a reactive rather than proactive opening scene, the Keeper having to relay a lot of exposition and events that the investigators can only just get involved in. Fortunately, the scenario gets much better after this, and we can begin to get a bit more involved.

The other problem is more one to do with the means of commuication. Voice only communication/play means that both players and Keeper alike suffer from a loss in being able to read each other. And the Skype method means that we could not necessarily speak at once or over each other. Yet it is very civilised as a method of play and I am really looking forward to the next session. And this time, if all else fails, I will plug in my MP3 recorder and go from there.

4E D&D Economics

Well, actually, this complaint includes 3E D&D.
In 4E, merchants buy your used magic items at 20% of the listed price, and sell it at 110% to 140% of the listed price. In 3.5E, merchants buy at half price (and I don't know what they sell at). I'm starting to think adventurers are in the wrong line of work if they want to get rich, and I've got a plan to deal with this when our PC group starts out in 4E (and which I may start doing in 3.5E).

Get a nice, colourful wagon with roll-up sides, and every time our gear gets 'upgraded' -- IE, we find a Sword +2 to replace our Sword +1, we will 'retire' our old magic item, get it cleaned and polished and repaired as necessary, and then put it in the wagon for display. When we're heading to town, I'll let the group go ahead, and hang around outside the town, selling these magic items to adventurers, for about the listed price. That's one hell of a bonus for me, considering I don't have to pay anything for it, and after I've gotten enough money for this, I'll start buying other magic items from adventurers, for about 50% of the listed price. This will give me a positive reputation with adventurers, and make me insanely rich.

Seriously, there's nothing saying adventurers can't go into business for themselves.
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