May 18th, 2008


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I'm about to run a 2nd Edition Ravenloft game.
I've run this module several, several times.
This time, I want to put a new twist into it.
Now, I already have some ideas; but I want to hear from you.
Any suggestions, ideas, or perhaps interesting things you've done with Ravenloft yourself?

Keep on the Shadowfell

So I want to run this. On the day it comes out. Because I have nothing better to do that day.

I asked my FLGS to stock it 2 months ago. They were noncommittal at best. Turns out their ship date is a few days *after* said product comes out.

I was loathe to pre-order things that might not come the day of release at multiple gaming stores, so I held off. Now it is getting close to game day, and I have no sure sign of a supplier.

Is anyone else trying to pull this? Alternately, are there any gaming stores you know of in Eastern PA/Western NJ who *have* ordered this for the 20th?

Would hate to have to delay a 'release party' on the grounds that nobody near me is releasing it that day...
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