May 15th, 2008

35th level geek


Tell me your awesome one-liners in game. Anything that just shocked your other players?

Here's mine:

I'm enjoying my latest character on my every-other-Sunday D&D game. He's a Magnificent Bastard with awesome one-liners. (House anyone?) In the game, our party split up for 3 months, the bard and the sorceress settled down at a homestead in rural setting, my character ended up in the Big City, the dwarf paladin got married, and the cleric was setting up a temple. We were all busy.

The sorceress got herself kidnapped, and was missing for weeks. Desperate, the bard called all of us together to launch a rescue/search party.

My character recommended casting a divination spell, which the cleric performed, and we got a fixed direction (Northeast) of where to start trekking. Turns out, the sorceress had escaped and was walking back home. She was right up a hill, a few yards away.

My character sardonically turned to the bard and said, "Anything else you've misplaced? Need help finding your keys?"