May 12th, 2008

  • casiel

yet another D&D 3.5 question

Are there any Lizardfolk indigenous to the Silver Marches area?

I realize that cold climate is anathema to most reptiles, but was wondering if there's an existing exception to this rule for northern Faerun... other than the Ice Serpent (or other quasi- air elemental)?
  • djymm

Hi, wow, and steampunk setting design

First, hello! I just stumbled across this community.
Second, wow! It looks impressively lively.

Third, by way of introduction, my current gaming project is a steampunk setting starting with the premise that global warming strikes hard in the early industrial era, with dramatic ocean level rise in the mid 1850's. The premise is, I realize, purely fantasy, but I'm working out the historical implications in a reasonable fashion (though taking the cooler option wherever it presents itself). Thus far London is a canal city, the Netherlands are sunk, unrest in India limits Britain's involvement in the Crimean war, Russia's thawing interior provides a destination for flooded-out refugees, Japan accepts Alaska in return for ceasing warfare against Russia in China. I'm still considering North America, where the American Civil War seems less likely to have occurred. Weird new twists on the technology of the era are likewise being considered.

Anyone else working on similar settings? I'd love to hear about them.