May 8th, 2008

Shadow person

Archetypes - The DM's Favourite Tool

I got this link from writers_lair, and it's very useful in plotting effective and memorably wicked NPC villains and antiheroes for your game:-

A Primer on Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious

Use the Jungian model of archetypes as your guide to create rivals and villains that are effectively mirror images of your player characters. The Shadow is the archetype of each of our own boogeyman: analyse your player characters and develop, with this useful guide, enemies whose motivations and actions are effectively dark reflections of the players' own twisted ambitions and dreams.

The players will never forgive you. But they'll never forget your NPCs, either.

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Tell me something cool that happened in your last game.

A while back, I asked this community to tell me something cool that happened in their last game and got some neat answers. So. Gimmie something cool that happened in your last game. Not something cool that happened in a game a few sessions ago, but something cool that happened in that very last game session you were in, even if the game session sucked overall.

For us, we were doing a session zero for Deadlands Classic: character creation. Man, this was completely old school -- spending a full game session coming up with character concepts and the basis for our short run game. We're going to try to run it completely by the book, so we're going to have cards, dice, poker chips, and colored paper clips flying through the game. It's totally insane.

It was also totally cool.

Several cool moments just going through the book, explaining how combat rounds work and all that. But the coolest thing? Probably how everyone was trying to grab all those horrible random disadvantages to see how messed up their character was going to be out of the box. The best one was when my wife drew "Jinxed" in one of those random draws. Turns out that anyone that associates with her gets the Bad Luck disadvantage. Seeing as how she's an alchemist, that has the potential to be very bad. Everyone thought that was funny. Then Matt drew "Marked for Death". We're all cracking up -- I have the feeling this game is going to have a higher rate of comical PC death than your average game of Paranoia.

Your turn.