April 23rd, 2008

Vincent Price

Warlord of the Accordlands?

I'm sorry for this post, but I've basically exhausted all my other resources.

A few members of my role-playing group have decided to run a Warlord of the Accordlands RPG. Yes, that oldish D20 RPG based on the Warlord CCG. The main problem is we want to use the character sheets in the back of the Core Book, but can't find a functioning .PDF of them.

So, do any of you happen to have a .PDF of the Warlord character sheets sitting around--preferable the four page one in the back of the book, although an altered version is fine, too? I realize the chance of finding it is small, but I figured it was worth a shot.

Thank you. Again, I'm sorry for this post. =)

And I suppose to bring this a little more on topic: Has anyone played the Warlord of the Accordlands RPG? How did it work out for you? Does it work better just using it as a suppliment to D&D (originally why I bought the books) or does it stand well on it's own? I was impressed with how it was made to obviously stand alone, although the books themselves and the information they provide leave some things to be desired in terms of the information provided.

I know my own group is finding it a little difficult because so many of the races dislike each other, and none of us want to play the same race. We are finding a way to work around that, though, however strange it may have to be.