April 11th, 2008


[AD&D1e] Those who have fought Lolth...

.... how did you do it?

I mean even if you are eight-ten characters of 10-14th level, some of those abilities are pretty meaty. Apart from the recommended Silence points, traps and pre-cast spells, plus the usual collection of Harm, Flame Strike and Slay Living, and whatever allies she has summoned to aid her, she also has what seems to be a game-stopper; Unholy Word which, with a 30' radius and no saving throw, sends all good characters back to the Prime Material Plane..
Shadow person

World of Darkness: Innocents - Black Hat Matt's Playtest Notes

Okay, looks like Black Hat Matt McFarland just officially declassified his World of Darkness: Innocents notes on LJ, on account of the fact that the book's due to be released at the end of the month.

They've only just been released, but they've been available for some time on the WW filter.

World of Darkness: Innocents Chargen, on the developer's own blog

Matt's Innocents Play Notes

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Edit: Partly redacted due to finally getting around to reading the bloody things. Earlier, I was too busy to give 'em more than a cursory glance. Anyway, Innocents is still a hell of a book. Looking forward to it myself.