April 3rd, 2008

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Pathfinder Alpha

So has anyone looked over Paizo's Pathfinder RPG?

Any thoughts on "D&D 3.75"?

Here's what I like so far:
Fighters use armor and weapons better than other classes. Every few levels their armor gains a armor bonus, and their weapon group of choice does +1 atk/dmg.

Starting HP option based on racial choices, weak/standard/strong races get a starting bonus.

What I don't like so far:
Rogues have the option to gain spells.
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New WW eBooks

White Wolf fans should be plenty happy (and broke) with all the new stuff available online.

For Exalted Scroll of Kings and Yu-Shan are now available.

World of Darkness had Lines of Power for Mage: the Awakening and the Midnight Roads/The Harvesters bundle released yesterday.

Today the Scion Companion Part One: Tuatha hit RPGNow.

Very cool stuff, lots of reading to do...I'm in the middle of Lines of Power at the moment, but hope to get to the Tuatha later today. If anyone beats me to it, post some details.
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But it isn't supposed to happen that way!

My sister's offering her thoughts on trying to play a 'type' of character - and failing.

I don't know what brought it up, but I've seen this happen in my campaigns a few times.  You get a player who comes up with a solid concept -- then blows it.  In my old SCION campaign, one player was trying to make the 'calculating' and clever type, but kept running into combat, and ultimately derailed the adventure, being taken off by Aphrodite and killed off by her for his idiocy.  Another player tried to make a decent, tragic character for L5R, and wound up always succumbing to the Taint, until Fu Leng literally tore free of his body to start the Day of Thunder.

In my wife's 7th Sea campaign, we had an Eisen player, who wanted to be 'the beat stick'.  Zweihander, lots of Drachensteel, the whole nine yards.  Unfortunately, the character was slow as molasses, which didn't work out so well in comparison to my character's '3 actions, dropping hordes of extras with each action' sort of play style.  I liked playing over-the-top, and while he wanted a character like that, his build didn't account for what he saw in his mind's eye.

Now, I'll accept that sometimes what you pictured in your head doesn't survive contact with the campaign.  Because of that, I'll make a character, develop a background, but I hold off on specifics until I've been a few sessions in -- this allows me to see how the campaign's headed, and tailor my character to the campaign.  Some things, obviously, I don't bend on, but usually these aren't game-breaking, and more a way to keep some manner of self determination alive in the setting.  I've seen a few players though get highly upset when things didn't work out as they foresaw.
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So a friend of mine is just starting to venture into the world of GM'ing, but he's having some problems coming up with settings. He's been looking for maps that encounters can take place in. For example, a map of an office building and a conflict that could take place there. Not maps for entire countries or cities, but places that a specific conflict could occur. I tried thumbing through my books and looking online, but I can't find any place with this sort of resource. I know it exists! I just can't seem to find it this time.

For the record, he's running World of Darkness, but can easily adapt any map to what he's looking for. More than anything, it's really just for inspiration.

Anybody know any websites that would have this sort of thing? Or any other websites/advice that would be great for a new GM that I can pass along to him?