March 30th, 2008

Is this even the right community to ask this?

EDIT: wow that was fast. Thanks everyone your help was clear, and perfectly understandable! 

Hello everyone, I'm new to D&D. 

My DM's super nice to the newbie and has helped explain alot of the mechanics but we only meet once a week due to schedule conflictions. I've filled in most of the gaps with internet searching but there is one thing I haven't found an explanation to online 

I'm playing a cleric and I don't understand the how the cleric spell table in the PHB 3.5 (pg. 31) works...

The PH says that a cleric can cast spells if their wisdom score is equal or better than 10 the spell level. 

my cleric is lvl 1 and has a score of 18 wis therefore I should be able to cast lvl 8 spells (which seems kinda overpowered for lvl 1)

but when I look on the table it looks like I can only start casting lvl 8 spells once the cleric reaches lvl 15

which now has me utterly confused.

A little help please?