March 21st, 2008

  • paka

Iconic Monsters of D&D, part II


I'm thinking about throwing together a scenario, and found some campaign stuff I wrote up while I was working concert security. It's basically fleshing out ideas from the "Incursion" stuff that showed up in Dragon, a while back. I really like the idea of having the githyanki - I've only seen them used in a game once - as a more unusual threat. Because 4e sounds like it gets players tangling with tougher monsters - like githyanki and red dragons - much earlier than 3.5, I'm pretty stoked about possibly making this my first foray into 4e (well, come May or June). The obvious downside of 4e would be that the official world setting's discarded the old D&D view of the planes - but I figure it wouldn't be too hard to put it right back.

Thing is; I worry that my players are likely to go "Awwwwww man, githyanki? Lame." I can't just go to my prospective players and ask, "Hi! Do you think githyanki are lame?"

My possible solution is; the characters run into a possible separate plotline at low levels, where the NPCs happen to be using ancient proto-gith ruins, and perhaps run into actual githyanki scouts investigating those ruins. That way, if people aren't especially interested in the githyanki, I can switch the campaign's focus to that other storyline.

So my questions - and I'd welcome input on any and all of them - are;
  1. Are githyanki too overused or too twinkish to actually use as villains?
  2. Is my possible solution basically a good one to handle not being certain how the players will react?