March 13th, 2008

  • casiel

free Exalted 2nd edition core book
We are offering 2500 gamers an opportunity to graduate from their formulaic dungeon raids to a dynamic world where heroes can wield earth-shattering magic and command unstoppable armies right from character creation. Each graduate will receive a free copy of the award-winning Exalted Second Edition core book, and in return we ask they send us their old copy of the Dungeons & Dragons Revised Third Edition (3.5) Players Guide.

As much as I'm interested in checking out Exalted, I'm not turning in my 3.5 PHb.

Still, for those of you making the switch to D&D 4e (I'm not), this sounds like a sweet deal.
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Vincent Price

Question for those farmiliar with the Cortex System

Relatively soon I'll be running a campaign using the Battlestar Galactica RPG. Now, it uses the Cortex System (same as the Serenity RPG), of which none of my players, or myself, have ever used before. I actually rather like the system, although I'm having a little trouble with how the heck a character dies.

The rules read like this:

"When your character suffers Wound damage greater or equal to his Life Points, roll Endurance every minute to stay alive. The first time, the difficultly is Easy (3), but in increases by 4 in minute. Once the character succeeds, no farther rolls need to be made, unless he in injured again."

Now, at first I thought I understood this, until I got to the last sentence which seems to contradict the first two. Obviously, if you fail to roll Endurance above a 3 at first, you die, but if you succeed what do you do? The first two sentences seem to be saying you have to keep rolling Endurance at an increasing difficultly every minute to stay alive, while the last seems to say you're fine until you're hurt again.

Can someone please explain because I just don't get it. I really want to think that last sentence is a typo or something. Everyone else I've asked has been just as confounded as I am.