March 8th, 2008

Zagato - inspiration sought

Dealing with a forgetful player

I have a player in my game who's a nice enough fellow, and not a bad player overall (he's not the greatest, but not *that* bad), except for one thing - he's very forgetful, and doesn't do anything to compensate for it (perhaps because he doesn't realize it?). He forgets things he's said and done IC (sometimes by the next game session), as well as information his character has learned (again, sometimes by the next game session), and sometimes even forgets the abilities and powers his character has. Last session, he even forgot which splat his character is.

Forgetting things he's said and done has caused other characters to react badly to his - when they do, he's utterly mystified. "Why doesn't [character's name] like [my character]?" When I've told him, he's been floored. "[My character] did that? When?" Additionally, his forgetting information makes it hard for me to advance the plot at times, considering his character has sometimes been the only one with a particular piece of information that he didn't get around to sharing with the rest of the group before he forgot about it.

He doesn't pick up on subtle clues, so I don't know if IC solutions would work too well - he might even think I was picking on him.

I *have* tried to encourage him to take notes, but the results of this have been mixed - he either ends up using outdated information (we've been playing for a bit over a year, and his notes aren't terribly organized), or just doesn't refer to the notes at all, which puts things pretty much back at square one.

Advice? (Someone in another community actually suggested I punch him in the face every time he forgets something, but that seems a little extreme....:)