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Tuesday, March 4th, 2008
It'll be interesting to see what kind of reactions I can get out of this. Here's a question about EvilHat's Spirit of the Century: If I have a character with the Death Defiance stunt, would you consider it a valid concession to a combat to tackle my enemy off a cliff (into a river or something) from a GM perspective? Using Death Defiance I could assure that my character survives, while the GM can use his magical mastery powers to assure that his NPC survives as well if he wants him to... plus, he has the option of turning my concession down anyway. Would it make a difference to you if this situation was set up with major spin, tags or declarations?

While I understand that GM fiat is composed of a life all its own, I also know that there are some who would absolutely love a player to pull something like this while others would itch at having a combat end through this kind of fenagling of the rules. Since SotC is such a cooperative game, what really matters is how you the GM would handle it. So, do tell...

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12:24p - EGG Has passed away
EGG has passed on.

I had no connection to the man; we didn't even get to interact that much when he was GoH at the first GX. But I think I (and a lot of other people reading this) can say that he has probably impacted my life as much as anyone else who I never lived with.

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12:47p - Voyage to the Hollow Earth, an Actual Play.
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And we haven't even gotten to the ubiquitous Nazis yet.


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Ernest Gary Gygax
Born: July 27, 1938
Failed Save vs. Death: March 4, 2008
Rest In Peace

Geeks everywhere, please observe 1d4+1 Moments of Silence.

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