February 28th, 2008

Voodoo Dolly
  • tashiro

You Miss... (I what?!)

Something my sister brought up concerning super heroes and such.
If your power is 'laser eye beams' (of any given variety), and you shoot where you look, how the heck do you miss with such an attack?  If you can see the target, and you can track them with your eyes, you'd think something moving at the speed of light (or close to it) would hit where you're looking.  This isn't a matter of hand-eye coordination (which is admittedly harder), but more a matter of the beam going exactly where you look.

In an RPG, why the heck would such an attack even have an attack roll?  I'd think it would have an extreme bonus to hit, and would more be a matter of 'how critical of a spot did you look at?'
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