February 27th, 2008

OMG! Pingu Kills!
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A question anyone here familiar with the HERO system.

I have been reading up on the HERO rules system as some of our players really wanted to try that next. 
And Dear lord! it's complicated... just the Character Creation section goes on for about nearly 400 pages...
And I couldn't even make head or tale of the running the game section so I just kinda gave up after that....

Question is .... Is the HERO system actually this daunting to run or is it actually fairly simple when it comes to actually running it (Once I wade through the rule book that is). The reason I ask is that if the actual running of it is fairly easy then I can continue to wade through the rule books and try to figure out what I need to know... or if it is still as complicated as the book makes it out to be I'd rather just stop and suggest to the players that we should try something else instead...


EDIT: After reading all the comments here and most of them are about the goodness that is the HERO system, I have decided to wade into the rules and try to figure the system out. Hopefully it won't be too bad.

Thanks to all.

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Get Hooked by the "Evil Duck"

I recently read an interesting critique, done by an actual publishing agent (not a fan boy/girl), which gave me a touch of inspiration. During the rather level-headed analysis of someones plot synopsis she said something rather interesting. The direct quote was:

"Deadly bubble. (I'm sorry, but these words paired together sort of tickle me funny. It's sort of like saying an "evil duck")."

So, I'm presenting a challenge to all of you great and imaginative members of roleplayers to try and devise a plot hook for a game which is driven, somehow, by an "evil duck".

It could be a statue, a symbol, or even a 'real' evil duck. Lets see what you guys and girls have got. Maybe we'll come up with some really inspired April Fools games- Just don't forget to mention what kind of genre or game the hook is for.

*For those that ask: Yes, "using ducks as villains in RuneQuest" is, in fact, a cheap shot.