February 25th, 2008


D&D Action Scene Brainstorm

Because a lot of us are DMs for D&D (d20v3.5 or other editions) or play it with hopes of or interest in DMing, I thought I would call a brainstorming session online.

Please submit encounters - either generic, stand-alone, or part of an ongoing scenario (but please modify it so that it's actually useful out of context) - that involve action. That is, include a major action element: small group combat, angry monster combat, battle, traps, danger, athletics, pursuit, etc. D&D does some of these very well; others poorly.

Begin your idea with the edition of D&D you're using if it matters (e.g. if you're using stats) and what levels the encounter is intended for (more power to you if you can make it scalable). If you can include stat blocks for combatants, DCs for skill checks, and page references in rulebooks, that's all the better because if this works right, we'll all use the results.

Oh, and if you're writing action scenes all the time (say, because you DM a D&D game :P), you could just copy-paste-post one of your favorites; you don't have to do any work except for cutting it to comment-length (or parsing it into comment-length sections).

I chose to specify action scene ideas because they're easier to describe in D&D. I figure in a day or two we'll have a lot of neat suggestions that the DMs and future DMs among us can go back to for inspiration or seeds for random encounters or even important action scenes.
Storm Trooper in Moment of Triumph

D & D question: Are psions fun?


I'm starting a D and D campaign tomorrow night and I need to create a character.  I was thinking a sorcerer who specialized in mind alteration, but then I thought a Psion would be cooler. 

Are the methods for attacking similar?  Are the saving throws that victims roll similar?

Some powers seem 3rd level sorcerers can cast fireball for level levelX5, but psions cast energy burst for 5D6. 

One thing I'm confused about are disciplines.  Are you multiclassing if you are both a psion and a telepath?  Or is telepathy simply a subfield?