February 20th, 2008

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What is the *worst* roleplaying game ever?

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I played my share of D&D during the nerdy highschool days, haven't played in years, and now am looking to get back into pen-and-paper. Drawing from a small pool of fellow English major creative-writing types, I'm considering starting a game of V:tM in a few weeks, opting to avoid the munchkinry hack-n-slash in favor of something more up the alley of a bunch of non-gamer liberal arts kids. 

I guess I'd like to solicit some advice from y'all... a recent post asking for help easing noobies into dungeon crawls got a lot of interesting responses, and I'd like to know how White Wolf storytellers introduce new players to the game. Honestly, this is also my first time running the system, and any offers of general common sense would be awesome. A big fear of mine is that aspirations for complicated dramatic storylines on the part of all involved will be hampered by general lack/rustiness of RP skill... any ideas on ways to start small without setting really low intrigue standards for the rest of the game?

One thing I'm considering is running a published module to get the chronicle started... I've looked at the old Ashes to Ashes and Alien Hunger; both have some elements that bother me (In Hunger, de-vampiring serum lolwut), but the hand-holding might be very helpful... any suggestions regarding pre-written introductions, much appreciated.