February 15th, 2008


Question for the people....

Is there an RPG system (or somebody's house rules) out there where the characters learn new abilities at the moment they are needed? Preferably something that's not an obvious deus ex machina. For example:

  • BAD:"We need to burn down the bridge? Well, I never told you this, but I've known how to use fire magic since I was three." (Magician gains the ability to conjure fire, bridge burned down).

  • GOOD: "At this rate, the enemy's going to break through. I guess this calls for something a little more drastic." (Warrior's combat prowess increases, giving him a better chance of winning the battle).

Now having written that example, I guess what I'm looking for is something that will increase the odds of overcoming a given obstacle, but not be a sure-fire win and not come out of nowhere. Your response will be more useful is you can explain things rather than just say "Look a [mechanic X] in [system Y]."

A little bit of context--I'm working on designing a CRPG with some friends of mine, and the above idea would be very cool for certain parts of the storyline.

Some Audio-visual (K, just visual)

I'm working on a new Star Wars adventure for my players and I'm doing occasional video vignettes to cover major story elements.  I'm including the PCs in certain bits, but my players have decided to wait until the absolute last minute to even decide species, so I've been having a hard time fitting them into the clips so far.

Anyway, there's still a lot left to go, but I got to the point where it started to look kinda cool so I figured I'd share.  Said video

About the Campaign:
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So, before I go too far... is anyone here familiar with Anthony Pryor's 'Wulf the Freelance' series?  While NSFW, it's well written and has a very immersive world.  I admit, in designing my world, I'm getting a lot of ideas from his.

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What is your favorite Horror game?

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Looking for oWoD End-of-the-World Plot summary!

I have been asked by my roleplaying troupe to perform a fairly daunting task.

They want to run the old World of Darkness "end of the world" series of games, sort of rolled into one.
This would be tough for ANYONE, but moreso for me because I have not dabbled in each and every one of the White Wolf systems that dealt with this cataclysmic series of events. I own the Vampire (Gehenna) and Werewolf (Apocalypse) versions, along with several other bits and pieces of tie-in literature, but the vast range and scope of this project makes me pause.

I'm looking for a website - or better, an explanation - of the canon events in Mage, Werewolf, Vampire, Changeling, and Hunter, and how they all tie into one story - if such a thing exists. I know that many plot points were left intentionally open-ended, allowing Storytellers and players to personalize their games, but still, there has to be somewhere out there that all the theories were canonized or debunked, no?

If such a website doesn't exist, then even just a list of to-buy books would be most appreciated, and I'll go from there.