February 6th, 2008

batgirl, meme

Tell me something cool that happened in your last game.

I asked this community to tell me something cool that happened in their last game a few months ago and got some neat answers. So. Gimmie something cool that happened in your last game. Not something cool that happened in a game a few sessions ago, but something cool that happened in that very last game session you were in, even if the game session sucked overall.

From our last game session, we had just come to the end of our campaign and were planning on moving onto the denouement phase of the game -- that little bit at the end of the story after the climax to show the conclusion of the story. What happened to our characters? Our session was all about plotting how the next few sessions would go. We decided we're going to focus one session on one major character, but tell their story through the eyes of the people around them. So when it's my character's turn, I'm not playing him, I'm playing his underling, Bo is playing his rival, Matt is playing his lover, and Tamara is playing his wife. Stuff like that.

We get to my wife's turn. Her character was the one that showed the most emotion in the game, a caring person burdened by her duty. The climax of the game had the character shot in the back, bleeding to death in a small room in an airship that crashed in the middle of nowhere. The GM asks her how we think her character wound up. Was her character dead? No, she replied. Her character was very much alive, but most of her body was replaced with metal. She thought for a moment. "Lauren has a clockwork heart."