February 1st, 2008

30-sided die

Floor plans?

Can anyone here recommend a good (and preferably not-too-costly) program for making floor plans for game interiors?

I've been using the drawing program that came with my office suite, but I was wondering if there might be anything else out there.

(Note - Campaign Cartographer doesn't seem to want to run on my computer, so that seems to be out)

EDIT: I'm running World of Darkness, so I'm looking for something that has modern art sets.
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In a Wicked Age: Martyrdom, Worthless Men, and Bickering Elementals

Last night we played a short session of In a Wicked Age. It was a great game. It really was a wicked age. If you've ever read Tanith Lee, it did end up emulating one of her stories. But anyways, the cast of characters:

Our situations were pulled from the God-Kings of War Oracle:
The mutiny and revolt of a prestigious cavalry company.
A great army's marching orders, passwords, and signals, and the unfortunate aide who lost them.
A hard-won victory with many dead on both sides.
A bitter and unseasonable cold, caused by warring elementals.

The cast:
Zohar the unfortunate aide, played by Andy
Drago the opportunistic throatslitter, played by Jere
Ekurzakir the warring elemental, played by Josh
Arman the dead soldier, NPC
Kalin the officer, NPC
Foom, the warring elemental, NPC
Shanda, the mutiny leader, NPC

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The Play:

The game worked really well. The rules are simple, and the negotiation system let us come to some agreements about some cool resolutions. In the final scene Shanda was dominating the conflict and we hit negotiations and Andy said, "I'll offer Zohar's death if Shanda is emotionally affected by it." Bam. Awesome.

The elementals were a weird sort of comic relief, which I think made it even more horrifying when Ekurzakir casually killed a dozen men for a necklace and left Drago to die. And then went back to bickering with Foom before tricking him. I thought it was awesome how this story about pissy elementals totally fucked up Drago's shit.

It was a lot of fun. The stories were kind of seperate and I felt a little worried when Jere stated reading Burning Empires during someone else's scene, but it wasn't too bad. Josh left because he had to go to work early immediately after Ekuzakir's story concluded, but I think we were all invested in the fight between Zohar and Shanda. I really want her to come back sometime as this remorseful, one-eyed, limping warrior woman. She really was the most hardcore character in the whole session.

Ekurzakir and Drago went on the Owed List, so we'll see them again. This was the end of Zohar's story, though.

Badass. This is, from now on, my go-to pick-up game. We played in two hours and it was such a cool session. And it really was a wicked age.