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Wednesday, January 30th, 2008
4:36p - Situation/Setting Blender!
Okay, so once upon a time I remember somebody in this community doing a game brainstorming thing where you take elements and come up with a character or campaign or something out of them. It was cool! So I'm doing something like that here.

I was watching Lost and it got me hooked on the idea of a bunch of people, crashed in a remote location. At the same time I was starting a Burning Empires campaign, so I pitched to my group that maybe the world that the Vaylen were invading started when a Hammer ship crashed on the planet and the survivors formed a civilization.

So, here's the challenge: take the premise of a TV show or movie and import it into an RPG - the more dissimilar the two the better. Go!

There's one rule: no poo-pooing other people's ideas allowed!

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