January 29th, 2008

Roleplaying Away from the Table?

I was thinking about this idea the other day, and I wasn't go to post it until I shadowkate mentioned something similar.

I'm considering suggesting to my group that we expand our current face-to-face campaign that meets once or twice a month into a secondary format, most likely a message board or something online. This would take place between games and be completely optional. The message board would be more fluff than crunch; preferably there would be no battles and virtually no dice rolls. The only numbers I could see being involved would be a social skill or two, purchases, or similar "town stuff". The purpose of it would be to give the players an outlet for roleplaying amongst themselves or doing things without making a field trip out of them because we have a large group (currently eight players) and it seems that 99% of our conversations are directly with the GM. As a result, none of the PCs have any sort of interpersonal relationships, even a simple friendship, and I know at least two players are a little frustrated by it.

Has anybody else tried this? Good idea? Bad idea? Additional thoughts?

Clashes of style???

A bit of a background on this, we are a group of two couples and a bunch of other people. The group started off with only one married couple and when I finally moved down (I lived a state away from my bf for a while) I was invited to join the group. For the most part the husband of the one group has been running with a handful of others running along side everyone else. My bf was the next frequent ST/GM and then falls to myself and two others.

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This puts me in a bit of a bind when it comes to how to deal with this, its getting to the point where its extremely un-fun to play in his games nothing against his wife but when you're pulling gods and threats of PC death to keep us bowing to her PC when she doesn't care either way - and the stranglehold that he seems to have on the group, and his lack of respect of other GM/DM/St's in the group. I don't know what to do.

I've promised the players that after drow got a rest and we could get ride of some of the underdark resentment that I would start up the game, but when he ignores the rules for PC creation and hides that fact I want to just write the starting characters for them but I know players that are not him don't like that and don't abuse the rules that much.
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Judgement Call

One of your PCs has taken an Enemy.
The Enemy slips into the group under disguise, hangs with the other PCs (since the PC hasn't shown up yet in game to interact with the Enemy) and starts teaching skills and such.
PC 2 gets into argument with Enemy, and attacks Enemy.  Enemy escapes.
Later Encounter:  PC 2 takes first opportunity to attack Enemy.

So, even though PC 2 hasn't taken the NPC as an Enemy ... should the NPC actually focus some attention on PC 2 as well as the PC who took points in the NPC?  I'm thinking so.  Now, in what manner, I'm not certain yet, I'm still thinking the Enemy should go the subversion route (social attacks), rather than wanting PC 2 dead.  They'll still have an interest in the PC who took points for them, but that PC has yet to actually attack the Enemy.  PC 2 seems intent to kill.

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another bright idea (fester)

Game development help

So we have a roleplaying game we're developing called Shooting Stars - it's got a fairly simple game mechanic, as it is meant to be played online as a play-by-post journal game. But we do want there to be some rules and character sheets and so forth, so it doesn't wind up being freeform Mary-Sue fest.

I've let a few people read through it, and we seem to have two problems -

One, that there's a lot of material to read through before you 'understand' what's going on. We tried breaking it up into small sections, but I've yet to come up with a clear 'here's what the concept is' statement. Ideally, I'd like to be able to express the idea of the game in a few sentences or a paragraph to help people get what's going on right from the beginning.

Two, well - they're not sure that the concept (as written) is easily playable. I think we can do it, but if I can't get players for it- having an empty game is no fun for anyone.

I was wondering if I could ask for some advice - someone who is willing to read through the site and tell me 1) how I can summarize the game concept and 2) whether it seems like a playable game. If it doesn't seem playable as is, some suggestions for making it so would be wonderful.

I realize this is a lot to ask for - but if anyone has the time I would sincerely appreciate it.

The website is http://www.labarc.com/Stars/
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