January 25th, 2008

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Help Planning Angel RPG Episodes, Please

So I recently bought the Angel RPG and while I've never played a Unisystem game before, it seems simple enough.

My problem is figuring out what exactly I should run.  My instinct is to throw a few monsters of the week at PCs while using the first few episodes to keep fleshing out the Adversary and/or Nemesis behind the scenes.  Subplots would hopefully surface organically and eventually, I would want the PCs to discover there's an evil mastermind yanking their strings.

If it helps, my overarching idea right now is that two powerful rival creatures---one a wizard of great power, the other an undead Big Bad with a long-term evil plan---are at first using the PCs as part of a proxy war to thin out each other's minions, but eventually one or the other decides to try recruiting or tricking the PCs into serving him [it?] while the other decides they need to be taken out of the picture.   But the two Episode ideas I have so far both focus on a demon causing trouble and the Cast needing to put the demon down.  One Episode would involve actually fighting the demon physically and the other would require the Cast using cleverness to beat an incorporeal demon.

Does anyone have any experience running Angel or Buffy?   Any tips on what works and what doesn't, especially for players new to Unisystem? 
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Playing other people's characters?

How do people here deal with someone playing another person's character? For example, say a player has to leave the game, and the GM hands the character over to another player.

I'm leery of doing it, mostly because I'm afraid of not being able to do them justice. I've also seen this done in other games, and it's never seemed to turn out well.

On a somewhat related note, any suggestions on what to do when a player wants you to play his NPC buddy, sibling, or whatever, and then is unhappy with your interpretation of the character?
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Developing a Stone Age Setting - Monsters

Thank you all again for all the wonderful input. 

Because of the brainstorming, feedback, and general input from this group, I have made great leaps in my development of the setting. The next step is determining what other creatures inhabit the campaign world.

As I want this to still be a fantasy setting, I do not want to do away with monsters and other intelligent races, but feel that I need to be selective in what sorts of creatures populate the world in order to maintain the feel and theme of the world. To this end, I have been looking for primal creatures and beasts as well as humanoid races. Also, when looking at things like outsiders, spirits, and the undead, I have been trying to pay particular attention to those that tie into themes that fit the setting.

For undead, this means sticking to the more "spontaneous" sorts. Ghosts, angry spirits, undead created out of circumstance are all good, while avoiding those that tie into elements of modern societies or are created by the hand of man.

Gnolls and Bugbears seem to fit for intelligent species in addition to orcs, goblins and ogres. I am sure there are others.

I do not feel the need to decide everything ahead of time but think it's important to establish some baselines and figure out what works and what doesn't. There wil always be exceptions, of course (The crazy human cult leader at the strange megalithic temple who has found a way to raise his sacrifices as undead, etc).

I am curious, as I have been throughout most of this post, what others have to say and think on this subject. Are there creatures you think I should ABSOLUTELY include in this world (dinosaurs and prehistoric animals are a given). If so, then lay it on me. Consider this a chance to leave a mark on my game world, if you haven't already.

Thanks again,