January 15th, 2008

Voodoo Dolly

Old-Fashioned LARP Question

Something that came up during a discussion about LARPs, specifically the Mind's Eye stuff.

Step 1:  Inform an ST or Narrator that the person you'll be talking to is a target, trying to find out their negative Social or Mental Traits.
Step 2:  Scene a conversation with them, asking a few probing questions, doing this-and-that to show your actually trying to learn.  Don't do any challenges with the victim unless they call for one to figure out what you're up to.
Step 3:  Do a few tests with the ST or Narrator, who uses the victim's sheet.  If you pull off a few successes, you learn the Negative Traits of the target.

Thus, later:
When engaged in combat with the opponent, you can throw off a few Negative Traits, and really burn the opponent, breaking them down when you need to use Dominate or Presence on them.

The person I was talking to scoffed at the idea of negative traits, saying they didn't really matter (since nobody uses them, I would presume, against their opponents).  I was kind of shocked, since isn't the plan I mentioned, you know, standard fare for someone really wanting to get an advantage on anyone else?


Other Tactics:
Has anyone attempted to interrupt a Physical Attack using a Social Attack?
I'm just too intimidating for you to actually want to hit me.

I consider the above a viable counter to an attack... anyone else think so?
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