January 6th, 2008

Voodoo Dolly

Just to be Silly

Palladium Geekery Here:

There's a 90's movie called 'I Come In Peace', and my friend and I used to joke about the bad guy being MDC (along with his gun doing MD damage).  Of course, the bad guy gets impaled on a metal pole sticking out of someplace or other, and I have been wondering...

Can a fleshy MDC creature actually get hurt by the environment?  Can they impale themselves accidentally on metal poles, or do they do the monk thing, just sort of laying against the point, looking stupid?  Since most won't have the weight to bend metal, what gives first?

This brought up the next thing:  Do MDC creatures take falling damage?  How much do they have to fall before it means anything?  Can an MDC creature fall from re-entry, slam into the ground, then get up and begin to wreak havok?  (a cool scene, admittedly)


Now, for the record, I dislike Palladium Games... they have cool world concepts, but the mechanics annoy to all hell.  And, then, of course, there's the story told by a friend.
His GM buddy was running a RIFTS campaign, and this involved one of the Coalition APCs driving around with troops inside.  A PC was able to Stealth up to the APC, and jammed his weapon up into the wheel well, unleashing a full burst up into one of the weakest points of the APC, doing considerable damage to the people inside.

The GM had ruled that the MDC there was negligible, and most of the damage was internal, going to the people inside.  But, after, he sent a question to the game designers for clarification.  The answer he got was ... less than satisfactory.

To whit:
'A PC should not be able to sneak up on an APC and they should not have been able to target a location not listed for the APC.  This is bad GMing.'

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