January 4th, 2008


Wanted: Role-players outside of the U.S. (and a few inside, too)

I've got an idea for a new feature for my site (www.theescapist.com) that I've been banging around for a while now.  It would be a series of columns detailing the "roleplaying scene" in different parts of the world - how the gamers look and dress, what games are popular, what games are only available in that country, if LARP is popular, what the stores look like, what the public attitude towards gamers and gaming is like, and so on.

Think of it something like "Postcards from Buster," but with a global span and a specific focus on role-playing.

So, I'm interested in talking with some gamers from around the world who think they would like to participate in something like this - writing, taking pictures, doing some small interviews, all that sort of thing. If you are interested, drop me a line at RPGadvocate@gmail.com.