January 3rd, 2008

Your "perfect world", one of those funny comment-based topics.

I was in a D&D game this week being GMed by a guy who's best described as a horror nut fan. Basically, no matter what system we're using, deep down he wants it to be Call of Cthulhu. Anyway, the morning before the game, I had described his playing style to a friend as "undead and tentacles". That night, the game is best summed up by the following facts:
  • All the party members had to be neutral or evil (no good aligned characters).
  • We journeyed into the Underdark in order to battle a greater evil than ourselves.
  • The surprise final boss of the dungeon was *drumroll* an Illithid Lich! A great stride was made for undead and tentacles everywhere.
At this point I pretty much started laughing at the fact that this game was pretty much his subconscious desires brought to life. And then, like something out of a really weird episode of Scrubs, I tilted my head back and wondered what my world would be like. I came up with the following:

Either a D20 or Exalted campaign that takes place in a Marvel alternate universe set in Sengoku era Japan. Oda Nobunaga did not die at Honnoji due to the intervention of his newfound ally, the mysterious European noble Viktor who has been selling him weapons for some time now. The party, who is not comprised of one-note joke characters and chaotic neutral jerkasses, appears to be on a routine, unrelated mission when a mysterious and unusual Sohei drops from the sky and sends them to socially convince his allies to switch allegiences, journeying into a relatively difficult riddle-based cavern, and finally going toe to toe with the unholy alliance for the fate of mankind! Starts at level 6 and ends around level 15. If you find a feat/spell/PrC in an official book and not a magazine or outside source, go nuts. Also, "Number One" from Bleach or the "You've Got the Touch" song from Transformers may be played on critical hits depending on the severity of the damage.
Your challenge: describe the world that the people who know you and play with you would describe at the "[You]est [You] game of all [You]dom." It's not supposed to be good. In fact, it should sound downright silly.