January 2nd, 2008

  • ijason


Cross posted in my personal Journal, and swiped from Howard Tayler of Schlock Mercenary.

I'm a gamer. Have been since 5th Grade. Happy as a clam to find these guys. The CAR-PGa. Their sole purpose is to educate and inform about, and defend RPGs. Defending RP gaming is important. I'm an active member of my church, and a relatively faithful guy, and it drives me absolutely nuts to hear otherwise intelligent people going off about the "evils of [gaming]."

If you're a gamer, and especially if you'd like to help out, go check them out, and maybe even sign up.

Sell me on Fudge

A retailer friend of mine got a copy of Fudge from a distributor open house and gave it to me over the holidays.

Before I dig in (because this is a hefty tome) does anyone have any familiarity with it? Any yeas or nays?

Best game ever?