December 30th, 2007

Role-play as improv, Take 2

TacoHunter's post about role-playing as improv, while rambling, was interesting, as were all the responses. I am a member of his role-playing group and was a part of the discussion that prompted his posting: One of our players had grumbled about what she deemed to be "silly" play, desiring more "Focused" play.

My own understanding of the issue comes down to the issue of role-playing characters vs focusing on plot. I tend to be a player who focuses on the characters, sometimes, I'll admit, with the effect of slowing the overall plot down. It's how I prefer to play but I understand that it can seem silly or pointless to the gamer who wants to focus on playing the plot. For the most part I really don't care about the "debate" between these two styles of play -- it could go on endlessly.

But I am interested in your stories. How about it? Any stories of characters who reveled in the moment? Who made decisions that, while in keeping with their characters, were clearly "bad" or possibly "silly" from the perspective of continuing the plot or the views of the players? How about favorite in-character discussions that led away from the plot or questioned it?