December 25th, 2007

  • paka

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Hi! Silly AD&D obscure setting question.

I could swear that there was a boxed set for the other continent on the opposite side of Krynn from Ansalon. It had lots of cool stuff - green-skinned elves, shark cults, gnomish death commandos, and a pseudo-Roman minotaur empire. It also had a large dragon population, because that's where the dragons went when they left Ansalon. I think it was right at the end of 1st edition because it had what would have been kits in 2e. The cover had a woman playing the harp for a dragon curled about her.

Am I just having an incredibly vivid hallucination, or was this a real game setting? Would anyone remember what this setting/world was called, and whether I'm accurate about it being 1e? Did anyone ever actually use this thing?

D&D 3.5 Question

The Master of Many Forms prestige class grants the Shapechanger subtype at level 10 but as far as I can tell from the monster manual that doesn't mean a thing. Well depending on how you read it it might grant blanket simple weapon proficiency but that's kind of weak for a prestige class pinacle ability. Any thoughts?

Also, what about the fact that they can change into Dragons, Elementals and crap like that but not Magical Beasts?

Ps- please don't just tell me to ask my DM