December 17th, 2007


PC death

So I killed a PC in the D&D game I run alternate Tuesdays...

It's been a long time since that happened! I was knocked off my game by the event. If my players are reading this: Spoilers below!

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Star Wars Saga Edition

Been running a campaign using the new SWSE core rules.  I'm enjoying the simplification of the ruleset from the revised core rules edition, as it makes designing and implementing a game extremely fast.  Most of the time, I houserule away most game rules anyway, and the scaling back on die rolling/skill points/etc. is right up my alley.  And the new talents/expanded feats system makes for some fun characters to be built.

I also find it fits the "space opera" setting of Star Wars very well.  One of things of note about the system is the addition of talents/revised feats.  As my players are moving along in the campaign, I've noticed how well the various talents interlock in tactical terms.  Even though they are little additions, many of the talents help improve the team's ability to work together.  They even add a certain distinction to the available archetypes, almost like unique subclasses.

If you've played it, what do particular like/dislike about it?  Planning on playing it?  Think its utter crap that WoTC put out yet another Star Wars core rule book?  Thoughts?  Threats?  Identity crisis issues you take out on the internet?

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I was thinking about taking Leadership for my Half Silver Dragon Divine Bard, he has 9 class levels. Is he limited to a 7th lvl cohort or could he have a 10th (since he's a 12th level character with his template)?
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