December 16th, 2007

(no subject)

I am in desperate need of a GOOD roleplay comm or site.

I am not interesting in one-on-one [sorry].

These are the roleplays I enjoy:
-Harry Potter
-[some] Teen
-[some] Animal
-Mystery/Horror [I've never actually done something like this, but the idea intrigues me]
-Anything with a good plot!
-A few others - try me!

These are the roleplays I do not enjoy:
-Fandom [I would, but I don't play/watch/read any, so I would be lost]
-Inactive Roleplays

So please give me some to join! I'm dying over here. Oh, and I am a Beginner-Intermediate roleplayer. I can usually do one-four paragraphs a post, so no uber-Advanced sites please. :] Thank you all.

***If this should not be here feel free to stab me with a spork then delete.