December 13th, 2007

RolePlay Anyone?

Hello fellow RolePlayers and to whoever reads this entry. I'm new to LiveJournal so forgive me if I do something wrong. However, I am not new to the RolePlaying world. I have over 5 years of literate experience with Roleplays and would consider myself rather capable of driving alot of interest in whatever we Rp. I only Rp though over Aim and Yim as it's faster and quicker, etc. Most rps I come interested in run along the lines of: Medieval/Fantasy, Fantasy/Future, and really just anything that has Fantasy in it. I usually don't just play one character as that gets boring rather fast. I like to add friends and enemies to the board to create conflict and such and of course keep your interest. So feel free to Im me over Aim: XDuneRiderX or Yim: us_marines01