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Wednesday, December 5th, 2007
8:29a - An old experience renewed...
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3:33p - D&D 3.5 Questions
Is a multiclass Specialist wizard/Cleric forbidden to cast Cleric spells of the schools forbidden by thier wizard specialty? Or use divine magic items (scrolls, wands, etc) of a similar type?

Is a multiclass Specialist Wizard/Sorcerer restricted in their Sorcerer spells known by the forbiddings of their wizard specialties? and what about Magic items?

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4:20p - Another DnD 3.5 question
 This question is about abilities listed in the Tome of Battle book:

There are manuvers listed in that book as counters... You take the action when you are attacked... My question: Does this negate the attack or do you still take the damage from the attack? The description of the counter says you stop the attack but the description (the little flavour text after the counter listing) on some of them says that you take the damage...
As an Example:

Anyone have any insight to offer on this?


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