December 3rd, 2007

Rawkin Chewbawkin
  • krrayn


Has anyone written or seen any decent house rules on Gambling in D20? I wasn't really happy with the way WEG did it in Star Wars D6 even though they had a specific skill for it (state your wager for the night, make a roll, consult a table for winnings or loss after X hours). While I'm sure gambling isn't as common in a fantasy setting, I'm sure it exists. So how would you arbitrate it? Use a Knowledge: Games of Chance skill or something, which favors experience over chance? Would it be Sense Motive vs. Bluff for things like poker? Would it be Dex-based skill checks for things like billiards? What about a simple dice game?

40,000 years of gaming goodness

In the mail today I got my copy of Warhammer 40,000: Dark Heresy.

The book is drop-dead sexy.

Supposedly the book is scheduled for a February release, so I'm surprised I got mine so soon. I ran a game of Dark Heresy at GenCon from the preview document handed out to the DMs and it was a blast. A few of the rules changes from WHFRP2 I was unsure about at first, but after a few reads through the document I learned to appreciate the changes as ones that improve the general feel of the game. One big one is the avoidance of the multiple careers of WHFRP and replacement with general "career paths" - a system that avoids getting bogged down in thousands of minutiae for each possible career path available inside and out of the Imperium.

So yeah, 100% sweet 400-page monstrosity that I've been waiting for since 1987. 20 years later and it was worth the wait.

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