November 19th, 2007

WFRP / Iron Kingdoms

Hi folks.

I've a game I'm wanting to run using the Iron Kingdoms (Privateer Press) setting which is utterly fantastic but I dislike it's D20 implementation.

I wondered if anyone had experience of running Iron Kingdoms using the WFRP rule-set (either first or second edition).

As I see it matching up the applicable jobs in the War Machine / Iron Kingdoms universe to WFRP careers should be straight forward enough but I'm particularly interested in career progression.

I'm also interested in clerics - how to represent the hampering on healing spells

And wizards; how to remove the link to chaos
  • paka

(no subject)

So I've been toying with the idea of an Iron Kingdoms game set in Khador.

My current idea starts the characters out as volunteer/conscript troops rushed into a brutal city fight vaguely based on Stalingrad; with a little luck and skill, they should be able to return home as decorated heros, and that's when I'd get into the more mystery/problem solving chunk of the campaign. My goal isn't to have a whole campaign of steampunked-up Stalingrad so much as to get the characters experience, prestige, and a feel for how Khador isn't the usual quasi-Renaissance-Western-European setting.

Although I'm finding it easy to come up with battlefield challenges for a small fire team of PCs, I'm a little intimidated by the idea of having a solid chunk of game as a wartime scenario.

Has anyone here ever run anything like that? If so, would you have any advice for how to keep the players interested and motivated to move things along themselves (beyond "we sit here and wait for orders")?
Jareth 3

Rifts Character

So this is really a matter of advice about an upcoming Rifts game I am going to be involved in. I'm creating a Glitter Boy pilot, and I've gotten it in my mind that he's part of a long line of pilots. The guy running the game and I have discussed possible options, and what it has come down to is...well, it's not as simple as I'd like to think.

Since most of the pilots I've described come from New Quebec, belonging to the New Quebec Coalition troops is a viable option. This is worth mentioning just because the GM has a standing rule that says no Coalition soldiers (but we can have ex-soldiers/deserters). He has specifically said that belonging to the New Quebec army does not go against the rule.

Anyways, what are people's opinions? Would you choose current soldier or deserter? Why?