November 17th, 2007


Non-Combat Plot Resolution - Brainstorming?

I could go into immense and gratuitous detail about my game and why exactly I'm looking to avoid the heads-cracking method of problem solving, but I don't think it will help very much. It's enough to say that this is Old World of Darkness, and the players are operating within the constraints of a tyrant's Court. But honestly? Solutions could come from anywhere. So don't let that stop you.

So what I'm going to ask for instead is insight: how have you solved major plot problems (powerful enemies, the villainization of your allies, destruction of your reputation, holdings, slaughter of innocents, treachery, abuse of justice and law, etc.) without resorting to violence? Have you? Have you seen it done by a GM, by another player, have you managed it yourself?

Stories and personal experiences would be most welcome. I'm interested in the topic generally, as well as my own challenge particularly.