November 16th, 2007


Fun for the whole family!

So I'll admit it right off, I am 22 and still living with my folks. Whom I love and adore...and drive me up a tree.

Anyway, my mother is the main part of why I am posting. I've noticed that we haven't been close since I work nights and she works days and my occasional day off usually either comes on a weekday when she is not avalible to go someplace, or on a weekend when I am too exausted to go much of anywhere. So I'm stuck for ways for us to spend our time together.

Now I have come up with the idea of sharing one of my favorite hobbies with her. Roleplaying! (You knew I'd get there eventually!)

So now I am trying to decide on what we should play together. My majority of experience is in fantasy style D&D, but I'm trying to get something that would be more appealing to her, and with easy to pick up and learn system, as she is the only 50 year-old I have ever met with ADD.

So I come to you, my friends, asking for aid in this endeavour!

Basically, I am looking for a fun, easy to pick game that is more geared toward science fiction than fantasy, although the task would be easier on me if it had some small fantasy elements. Do you guys have an suggestions?

I was thinking myself of going the route of a shared fandom, Star Wars. Have any of you guys played this? Is it fun? How complicated? Can an inexperianced GM run it with out tearing herself up in to itty bitty peices of sanity?


That's all I think. Any advice is greatly apprieciated!
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