November 15th, 2007

  • tcpip

"Roll and Keep" modifications for Physical, Social and Mental Tasks

I've introduced into my current L5R game different resolution methds for Physical, Social and Mental Tasks whilst keeping the same mechanics. Comments appreciated.

In the standard rules they use a skill plus stat "roll and keep" to get a target number. Thus the Horseriding skill and the Agility stat have a value are rolled together as a pool of dice. The total number of dice in Agility are kept to sum against the target number of difficulty.

So Horseriding 3 plus Agility 2 equals 5 dice, keep the best 2.

As a house rule I've reversed the system for most Mental Acts (knowledges rather than skills), with the exception being matters of pure logic.

So the capacity to speak Mandarin is the Knowledge plus the Stat (Int) and keep the Knowledge dice. Being smart doesn't mean you're fluent in Mandarin, but it sure helps work out what they're saying to the best of your knowledge!

So Mandarin 3 plus Intelligence 2 equals 5 dice, keep the best 3.

Finally for social actions (Relationships) I'm also thinking of a house rule where the "keep" dice is *independent* of character's ability! So an Ainu in Japan gets a normal 2 dice in most experiences - a character's Etiquette and (Social) Awareness scores determine how many dice they roll, but they only keep the best 2 (this could be modified if they establish a personal friendship etc).

So a character with Etiquette 2 and Awareness 2 would roll 4 dice, keep the best 2.

So Skills, Knowledges and Relationships are determined differently, but with the same scale and the same general mechanics.

I'd be happier still when I whack this into a FUDGE/FATE-like system with variable randomness. L5R's d10 open-ended nature can be pretty chaotic.