November 13th, 2007

Voodoo Dolly

Writers/Artists Wanted

Fool's Moon Entertainment Inc. is looking for writers and artists for regular articles for future editions of The Grimoire, their semi-regular PDF magazine.  While interested in articles concerning their Mhar Fantasy liscence, they are looking for gaming-related articles and comics, as well as fantasy and science fiction comics to add to the magazine.  Payment will be given for accepted work.
-- Please send e-mail to Kevin Papineau (Pres) for further inquiries about payment.
-- Please send e-mail to Christopher LaHaise (VP) for further inquiries about content.
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Voodoo Dolly

For Sale

I'm needing to get some money, so I'm selling off most of my RPG books.  Here's the list of RPG Books for sale.  If you see anything which catches your interest, please contact me.

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