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Tuesday, November 6th, 2007
10:42a - Task Resolution Systems
Which task resolution system do you prefer and why?

1) Modified target number, roll under/low (percentile, d20, 3d6) (e.g., RuneQuest, BRP, Hero System, AD&D2e, GURPS, HeroQuest)

2) Target number, roll above/high (percentile, d20, 3d6) (e.g., Traveller, Rolemaster, D&D 3.x)

3) Target Number, Roll and Keep, Raises (Legend of the Five Rings)

4) Positive and Negative Dice to base ability rating (FUDGE)

5) Dice Pool, Target Number per die, Degrees of Success (White Wolf)

6) Other (in comments)

Personally I quite like (3) although L5R could have done with reversing the keep system for knowledges (roll stat+knowledge, keep knowldge, achieve TN), and I like (4) because it emphasises that random is, in fact, random (variable dice depending on the degree of randomness would be another advantage)

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