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Thursday, November 1st, 2007
9:25a - General Game type question
  So one of our Sunday Campaigns is coming to an end and we are looking for suggestions on what to play next (although that is not what I am posting about here)...
Most of our group, currently, is new players, who are only familiar with the D20 system right now...  but we have had a few suggestions...

The first  2 suggestions were obviously D20 modern/Future, and DnD...
Another one that poped up Star Wars Saga but I bin it with the D20 stuff itself even though the rules are radically different in it...

The others that came up:
Shadowrun 4th edition: I have heard PC survivability has greatly improved in this edition...
Exalted: A mechanicalistic nightmare from what I hear... nearly everything requires a dice roll...
Mech Warrior: Don't know much about this system but... it's mech warrior... it has to be cool... right?
Savage Worlds: Necessary Evil setting: Apprently a old 60's style comic bookish super villian campaign... I am not to keen on it but the mechanics seem interesting...
7th Sea: Pirates.... *shudder*

So is anyone here who is familiar with the systems listed above like to offer some opinions?

Thanks much


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