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Wednesday, October 31st, 2007
10:19a - Star Wars Saga story
I have been playing a Star Wars Saga edition campaign and barring a few players that seem to think that there characters are the eptiome of t3h 4w350m3!!!111!1 and tend to meta game a lot, the game has been oodles of fun.

Collapse )

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I was amused.


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8:30p - InSpectres
Ran two quick Inspectres scenarios for my gaming group as a Halloween special.

1)  Nerdy Geek with a Lisp
2)  A woman who thinks she's psychic but isn't.
3)  A scam artist who paid for the franchise as a get-rich-quick scheme (not believing in the supernatural).

The Sessions
1)  A nurse calls them to help at an Italian restaurant.  The end result (thanks to a Confessional) is that she was a spaghetti monster hiding in a blow up doll in a nurse's outfit.
2)  Th PCs go to a Staples to deal with 'strange smells'.  This winds up with a gate to the underworld, and four zombies dressed as the Village People.  The scam artist winds up having a Disco-Off with them to defeat them (their bodies can't handle the extreme moves).

Just... whacked.

current mood: amused

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