October 29th, 2007

Rawkin Chewbawkin

a shadowrun update

I have in the past posted questions on Shadowrun 4th edition, polling for advice and suggestions for a new player, and I am grateful to those that supplied such. There was some interest in hearing about my experiences, and I believe I posted my first session reactions some time ago, in which I lamented the complete ignorance of "collaborative character generation" sustained by some of the players.

So i thought it appropriate to continue this, for those one or two people who might be interested.

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Anyway. The system seems pretty cool, and had I been given the opportunity to play either of the character concepts I came up with originally, I might be having a better time. I might give SR4 another go at some other point, but I don't know any local GMs who are running it.

And that's the way the dice land.